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In today’s bustling society many people do not have the time to visit the dry-cleaners, which is why we have introduced its work and home delivery service. Aimed at those living in Berkshire to Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas for whom timing is always tight, we offer a personal collection and delivery service at no extra charge.

Booking your collection can be made by telephone, text or email. Please ensure that you leave your full name, and collection details, such as; collection address, collection point, items, and collection time.

Please ensure calls are made before 4pm for a sameday collection.

Helpful Hints for stains

The nature and age of any stain, combined with the colour and construction of the fabric very much dictates the end result.

The dye in some fabrics is more soluble than the stains, Removing the stain will remove the dye.

Developed stains: spillages of drinks not containing strong dyes, Such as lemonade and champagne can be blotted from fabric and appear to have disappeared, However, the residual suger content is at work in your garment, Left unattended over a period of time, a yellow or brown stain will appear, this is due to oxidation of the suger, similar to half eaten apple.

Early in its life a stain will develop will the help of any heat source, such as pressing, The result 'develped stain' can be permanent.

We are at your service

Stains are dealt with by hand prior to dry cleaning

Unless we have discussed with, you the element of owners risk' we will operate within the safety margins, limiting the end result in the removel of the problematic stains.

It is essential that the stain history of the garment is made known to us in order for us to find the most effective solution.

Delivery information

Unless pre-arranged, we deliver items at 48 hours after and at around the same time of collection.

A guaranteed 24 hour turnaround delivery may include a 15% surcharge.


Our shops accept cash cheque and credit cards

Payment methods accepted by our drivers are cash and cheque. Payment can be made on collection or on delivery. Account facilities are available for regular customers.

Free Collection & Delivery - 01753 529639